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With coffee in hand, I provide a range of photographic services, from weddings & unions to headshots and small business branding. As a stage performer turned photographer, I give special commitment to being intentional, and making you feel seen and comfortable throughout the entire process.

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Maryland Maternity Photography

Silver Spring In Home Maternity Session: Maryland Maternity Photography near DC

With Maryland maternity photography as my job, I carry a few different titles. I’m a cheerleader and hype woman for you both, with a task to make sure you are comfortable and feeling your best! I’m a location scout, even when there’s only a small patch of land to work with. I’m a props coordinator (see the theme here?), selecting what pillows and household items to place around you. But I’m also a director, making sure we capture the essence of you with some prompts.

Veronica and Adam’s maternity session was one that really amplified my love of this job and my “why”. Why do I love photographing you awesome people? Because it’s too easy to create stories about ourselves, and get wrapped up in the necessities of our days. There is magic to seeing yourself in a photograph, seeing your pure essence. The magical things about you that are there regardless of job titles, routines, or outside influences. Laughter, joy, reflection, sometimes trepidation. It’s a wondrous thing.

In Home Maternity Session

As it was about 30 degrees and windy the day of their session, we opted for a really quick trip outside. You would never know it, but the backdrop is a tiny path of woods outside their neighborhood. It’s a fun game making things looks more expansive on camera.

When we headed inside, their dog was hiding in her timeout corner preemptively, as she had explored the trash while we were out. Matilda is her name, and wow she’s a natural. I’m telling you, babies and animals know how to model. It’s so funny, and so true. They’re so baffled by this thing you’re clicking, that they look directly at the camera 9/10 photos! Wild. Anyways, we hung out in the living room for a bit and then headed up the nursery!

Maryland Maternity Photography

It was such a beautiful afternoon for Veronica and Adam’s in home maternity session, and I can’t wait until their sweet babe is born! Stay tuned 🙂

Enjoy this beautiful couple’s photos below, and check out more on the blog! Ready to schedule yours? Contact me here!

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- Michele & Adam

"Sarah was absolutely amazing to work with! Every single picture we got back was nothing short of perfect. Our families and friends were amazed at how great our photos turned out as well as the volume of photos we received. She made sure to capture moments that were special to us on our wedding day, as well as make time to get all of the family photos we wanted. Something that I found to be really helpful was how organized Sarah was. She sent us questionnaires to get to know us and even created a day of timeline so my partner and I, and our families and bridal parties, would know what to expect and when formal photos would be taken. Her attention to detail and caring nature ensured that our photos reflected not only our wedding day but our personalities as well. I cannot say enough good things about her and her work. She is a fantastic photographer and a great person to work with.

"photos reflected...our personalities.."

"photos reflected...our personalities"

-Glennis & varun

"...Sarah went above and beyond our expectations. She spent ample time talking with me about my vision of the day, provided a detailed itinerary to help me stay organized, and was a listening ear when I needed practical wedding advice. Her warmth, kindness, and genuine nature helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera. In addition, we are delighted with Sarah’s technical qualities as a photographer - her sense of mise-en-scène, attention to detail, and her remarkable ability to capture poignant and symbolic moments in an inter-cultural, inter-racial, pandemic wedding."

"Sarah went above and beyond our expectations..."

"She made everything easy and is warm and kind..."

- Kaleigh & Hannah

"Beyond being a good photographer, Sarah truly works to make her clients feel comfortable and special during her sessions. She is incredibly personable and there were never any awkward, empty moments during our session! My fiancee and I were truly in the moment and Sarah allowed us to have candid, special moments together while she captured them for us to remember forever...Our day was stress-free thanks to her detailed planning...I absolutely recommend Sarah for anyone and everyone. We are forever thankful for her openness and hard work."

"Sarah allowed us to have candid, special moments together..."

"Sarah allowed us to have candid, special moments together..."

-leila, singer & actress

"Sarah creates a fun, creative, and safe environment that brings out the very best you to photograph. I had a great time in my headshot session with her and I ended up with beautiful photos (that actually look like me) I would be proud to bring into any audition room. 10/10 would recommend!"

"Sarah creates a fun, creative, and safe environment..."

"She was so positive and helpful through the whole process!"

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