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With coffee in hand, I provide a range of photographic services, from weddings & unions to headshots and small business branding. As a stage performer turned photographer, I give special commitment to being intentional, and making you feel seen and comfortable throughout the entire process.

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engaged couple sticks tongues out at each other while holding sign that says mutual weirdness forever at steele creek park

6 Tips for Camera Shy Couples

1. Pick an activity.

For my camera shy couples, I’ve got some thoughts. In acting class we’re always taught to engage in activities, because activities are how humans thrive! When we’re bored, getting into trouble, feeling strong emotions…the list goes on…the same piece of advice applies: do something to occupy your mind, body, or both! I follow the same rule in photography. If just posing makes you wanna run far away and hide in your car, then we might talk about hitting the outdoors or finding your favorite arcade (did I just say arcade?). Picnics are ALWAYS a favorite, and for kids, what about ending our family session with some water time? The world is your oyster!

couple holds hands behind two glasses of wine at martha washington hotel and spa

2. Do something with your hands.

PROPS: As someone who can be camera shy, my hands always get me. That’s why we gotta find something to do with them! Who says flowers are just for wedding days? I love a good maternity bouquet, or even gathering wildflowers for your photography session. Activity? Check. Prop? Check. Gorgeous pop of color? Check & check. What about an old timey soda or popping some champagne? Have a hat? We’ll use it. Listen–I’m a lady with ideas. Try me.

Again, OCCUPYING HANDS: grab a hold of your sweetie and don’t let go. All I’m gonna say πŸ™‚

black and white couple kisses in front of virginia love sign in damascus virginia

3. Communicate to your photographer that you want direction.

I have yet to meet a person who isn’t a little nervous at the beginning of a photoshoot. Heck, I always get nervous being in front of the camera! I’ll ask about this prior to our session, but please know that I invite you to be vocal if you’re nervous. Let me know if you want direction down to the details of hands and feet, because that’s my job and I am HERE FOR YOU, ready to give as much or as little direction as you feel comfortable with. Are you self-conscious and want me to be aware of something in particular? I’m all ears. To be honest–I have a thing about the right side of my face versus my left so I get it…don’t know why it’s a thing for me, but sometimes we just have our things.

husband kisses wife on forehead at abingdon vineyards in front of barn

4. Wear a jacket or pants with pockets…or both.

Now, some photographers (and parents) might be irked at me for this one, but I actually think there is a cool, calm, and nonchalant look to putting your hands in your pockets during photos. And if you feel totally helpless with where to put the appendages at the end of your arm called hands, just dive into your pockets and strike your best HBO character pose.

engaged couple sticks tongues out at each other while holding sign that says mutual weirdness forever at steele creek park

5. Choose a location you know and love.

I think the largest factor in comfort is whether you’re on home turf and feel comfortable with your surroundings. Nature scenes tend to offer more privacy than a busy Washington DC street. If having people around doesn’t bother you, right on, but if it might get in the way, make sure the location is a little more tucked away. Home sessions are also a favorite, because you can get cozy without needing to transition out of your comfort zone. I’ll come to you and capture the magic as is.

6. Embrace the awkward & silly.

I think my favorite and most genuine advice is to embrace the awkward and silly. It’s a part of us, so why wouldn’t we allow it to be a part of our photos? I love a dramatic portrait, but I also have a special place in my heart for photos like the one below. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

pregnant woman holds belly in field while husband holds belly behind her

Just know this–needing time to warm-up is expected, and *secret*: I need it, too. No matter what your comfort level is, we’ll find a way to get you in your element, feeling fiiiiiine, and all about the looooove. Bye bye, camera shy.

Be well, friends! Ready to connect? Click it.

couples pose in a field at sunset

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- emelie & nathan

"Thank you SO much! We are completely blown away by your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the considerate amount of effort and taking the time to travel all the way to us in the middle of a pandemic. We will forever be grateful to you for capturing this special time in our lives."

"We are completely blown away..."

"We are completely blown away by your work..."

-Glennis & varun

"...Sarah went above and beyond our expectations. She spent ample time talking with me about my vision of the day, provided a detailed itinerary to help me stay organized, and was a listening ear when I needed practical wedding advice. Her warmth, kindness, and genuine nature helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera. In addition, we are delighted with Sarah’s technical qualities as a photographer - her sense of mise-en-scΓ¨ne, attention to detail, and her remarkable ability to capture poignant and symbolic moments in an inter-cultural, inter-racial, pandemic wedding."

"Sarah went above and beyond our expectations..."

"She made everything easy and is warm and kind..."

-leila, singer & actress

"Sarah creates a fun, creative, and safe environment that brings out the very best you to photograph. I had a great time in my headshot session with her and I ended up with beautiful photos (that actually look like me) I would be proud to bring into any audition room. 10/10 would recommend!"

"Sarah creates a fun, creative, and safe environment..."

"She was so positive and helpful through the whole process!"


"Sarah is AMAZING!!! She met us and worked with us through everything! She's very professional and never in a hurry! She took her time and she has fun with it, which results in beautiful pictures! I couldn't have picked a better photographer for our engagement shoot ! She gave us beautiful photos of our day!"

"I couldn't have picked a better photographer..."

"I couldn't have picked a better photographer for our engagement shoot!"

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