About Sarah
About Sarah

If I see a big ol’ paragraph, I’m probably not going to read it, but here are some bullet points about me:


+ I’ve worked professionally as a dancer & actress for 8 years +

+ Coffee shops are my second home +

+ I’m totally smitten with my cats, Louey & Junior (but I’m also a dog walker) +

+ Making fitness & movement for everyone +

+ Farmer’s markets and sustainable living practices <3 +

+ Soul of a small town lady +

+ Favorite comedian is Chris Fleming +

+ I like fruit best when it’s overripe. I know it’s weird +


I take photos because it was part of my healing. I began photographing when I was struggling with mental health, and it gave me an outlet to capture the world and the feelings I couldn’t express through words in a way that required complete mental focus.

Abingdon: Meet the Locals became the result; a blog series I began in 2016, highlighting farmers & craftsmen of the Southwest Virginia region. [you can visit the blog to check it out for yourself!]  

I love photography now because it’s a chance to connect, problem solve & capture your world in a journalistic and tangible way.

+   It’s all about life’s details <3 +

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