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Hey, y’all,


Sarah here & I know you might be thinking, “Sarah, why did you just say ‘y’all’, this is Maryland”. You right, you right. Well, first answer is that I’ve lived in Southwest Virginia, where everyone truly knows one another and the word “y’all” becomes part of your everyday vocab. Second answer is my commitment to breaking formalities as fast as possible to capture the real YOU. I’ve been a stage actor for 15 years, so human connection is my jam. Bottom line–I love meeting new people and I love taking pictures of you, whether we’ve known one another for 3 years or 3 seconds. Colorful, nature-filled, moment driven photography in a relaxed atmosphere. If anyone is gonna be awkward here, it’s gonna be me. Pinky promise.

A few things I go by:

+ Beautiful photos that allow you to step right back in time are unparalleled. I’m committed to providing quality images that won’t break the bank. +

+ Everyone’s love is equal. +

+ A portion of each session is donated to organizations fighting for racial equity. +

+ I’m all about supporting local & connecting you with other creatives in the community. +

+ I’m a fan of gentle posing & guidance to inspire candid moments. +

+ Every human is more than a plastered smile & it is my privilege to capture all the shades! +

 Also, puns & cat photos entirely welcome.

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