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Welcome! My name is Sarah Laughland and I’m a photographer who was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. I split time between the DMV and my southern roots in Southwest Virginia. I love skipping around. Are you someone who tries doing too many things? Yeah, me too. There’s just a lot of ways to live life’s stories. Storytelling is the root of everything we do here on this earth, and as a lover of people, I believe deeply in the power of storytelling through photographs. This applies to headshots just as much as it does family portraiture. Are you a business looking for website imagery? Story. Right there. Waiting to happen.


I believe in letting the path unfold and trying to laugh while you walk and/or  run it. One last thing–if getting in front of the camera makes you gulp, I’m the gal for you. Feel free to leave the pressure behind and bring all the puns & dad jokes in.


Let me help you share your story by capturing living moments through headshots, marketing, special events, and portraiture. <3

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