HERE'S A BIT MORE ABOUT me & my team.

Have a wild idea? Try me. I love wild ideas.

With your input, I'll craft and mold, so on the day of your event or session, all that's left is to have fun. When it comes to photography style, my lifestyle & creative portraits lean toward the earthier & warmer side. Headshots and professional portraits are most often edited true-to-the-eye.

i'll be your scene partner
& director.

Each session is different & uniquely your own story. I'll provide you with a range of images: posed, candid, "the artsy ones" (says my Stepdad), light-filled, and then a few with a moody twist. I offer prompts and ideas, and feedback is encouraged. And hey, you can always say no. We'll tailor your session to fit the dream you've got in your mind & on your Pinterest board.
Oh, trust me, I've got tons of boards.

I approach each photoshoot like I would a script.

frederick, md photographer, washington dc & beyond

chewing paper
questionable water
laser pointers
eating flies

meet Louey

Outlander & the office
farm weddings
coffee shops

MEET sarah


really? sweet. tell me more!

From start to finish, I've got your comfort & vision in mind.

Learn about your next
portrait experience.

- emelie & nathan

"Thank you SO much! We are completely blown away by your work. Thank you, thank you, thank you for making the considerate amount of effort and taking the time to travel all the way to us in the middle of a pandemic. We will forever be grateful to you for capturing this special time in our lives."

"We are completely blown away..."

"We are completely blown away by your work..."


"Sarah is AMAZING!!! She met us and worked with us through everything! She's very professional and never in a hurry! She took her time and she has fun with it, which results in beautiful pictures! I couldn't have picked a better photographer for our engagement shoot ! She gave us beautiful photos of our day!"

"I couldn't have picked a better photographer..."

"I couldn't have picked a better photographer for our engagement shoot!"

-erin, lighting designer

"Had the honor of hiring Sarah to do my headshots! She was so positive and helpful through the whole process! I can't wait to get them uploaded on my website. Extremely happy!!"

" positive and helpful..."

"She was so positive and helpful through the whole process!"

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