About the Photographer
About the Photographer

Hope you’re enjoying your look around!

Let me introduce myself more fully. In addition to photography, I’m a dancer, singer, and actress who found photography at a time in my life when I needed it most. After receiving my BA in Musical Theatre from Seton Hill University [tiny little Pennsylvania mtn town], I traveled around the Southeast on theatre contracts, and made lattes in my off time at a coffee shop in Maryland. After landing a gig in a Resident Acting Company at Barter Theatre, in Southwest Virginia, I was encouraged by a dear friend to finally buy that camera I’d been drooling over. Thus began the love affair…


In 2016, I started photographing and interviewing vendors at our local farmer’s market as a way to combine passions for local sustainability, while giving voice to hard-working farmers and crafts folk. Abingdon: Meet the Locals shines a spotlight on these incredible human beings, and I am grateful to each of them for sharing their time with me and my Nikon.


My father was a true Renaissance man who found a calling in multiple directions as a civil engineer by day, violinist by night, singing hobbyist astronomer, with a green thumb to boot. I like to think that his gift to me was the gift of passion and curiosity.

You’ll find the same thing in my photography. I love to explore, try lots of stuff out & see what sticks.

Photography has taught me how to marvel at the simple and beautiful that fills our world at every turn.


I’m constantly reminded that the in-between moments of life, that are all-too-often skimmed over, hold the most power. I wanna hear and share your story! Everybody has a story to tell, ya know? 

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