April 17, 2020

April, 2020
by Sarah Laughland

Sarah Laughland is a lifestyle & portrait photographer serving the DMV & Southwest Virginia. She’s a performer & creator who adores connecting with people through the art of visuals. She lives for supporting local, strong lattes, and good light. <3

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Wow, what a crazy time this is. I’m drinking obscene amounts of coffee everyday, playing “fetch” with my cats, and convinced that breakfast sandwiches are often the reason I am willing to wake up. I miss my friends, but am sooo grateful to live in a world where we can stay inside for months and still see each other’s faces and experience raucous belly laughter.

When I saw a photographer in Nashville doing FaceTime Photo Sessions, I was like, yes, uh huh, I’m listening. My first victims (muahaha) are my dear friends, Jamie & Tom, who are holing up at her parents house in Frederick County, Maryland. Together, with their puppy Scout, we adventured with window light and animals aplenty. Her parents dog, Mocha, kept trying to get in, but the two cats couldn’t have cared less. Figures.

Anyways, here are some priceless snapshots of our FaceTime Photoshoot! Low res, but high quality lovin’ <3 If you’re interested in getting in on your own session, click here!



<3 fin.

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