May 1, 2020

May, 2020
by Sarah Laughland

Sarah Laughland is a lifestyle & portrait photographer serving the DMV & Southwest Virginia. She’s a performer & creator who adores connecting with people through the art of visuals. She lives for supporting local, strong lattes, and good light. <3

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My brothers found this wedding dress several years ago, and they gave it to me for Christmas. I looked a little wide-eyed, simply because I wasn’t dating anyone and was unsure as to the motive, but they explained that when they saw it they thought of me and wanted me to have it just in case….and so that they could wear it. Ha, ha! Now, I’m not shy about admitting that my 20’s have not been one for settling down. Sometimes that voice in my head tells me I have no business documenting other people’s love when I haven’t found a final one of my own, and I quickly shush that up, because it’s nonsense. I am surrounded by love. I am surrounded every single day by incredible love from the friends I’ve known for years, to the friends I make through photographing their love. The hardest love is the one directed inward, loving ourselves through thick and thin. I often joke about having a wedding dress of my own to simply drink tea (lets be real, coffee) in my garden, listening to birds chirp and living a hippy dippy day of self-love. Sooo, we decided to celebrate not only self-love, but love of a person that wasn’t always “allowed” to exist. Happiness is being able to love who you are out loud. And what a glorious thing that is.

Wedding Dress–Goodwill, if you can believe it.


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