Change Up Your Brew!
Change Up Your Brew!
May 19, 2020

May, 2020
by Sarah Laughland

Sarah Laughland is a lifestyle & portrait photographer serving the DMV & Southwest Virginia. She’s a performer & creator who adores connecting with people through the art of visuals. She lives for supporting local, strong lattes, and good light. <3

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Sometimes you’ve just gotta spice things up. No, not in that way. Well, maybe…anyways, I’m talking about changing up your daily coffee routine. I’ve always allowed for a few vices in life (because, honestly, I’d go crazy without them), and my big one is coffee. I’m not kidding when I say that my favorite hobby is exploring new coffee shops and sitting for a morning or afternoon, editing or planning dance classes, sampling what espressos are offered. Despite losing jobs, I’ve saved money when it comes to coffee. Buuuuut, I will go right back to coffee shops when it’s safe to do so because to me, it’s meditative, a way to support local businesses, and makes me so dang happy.

While away from our precious coffee shops, it’s been important to find reasons to get up in the morning when things begin to feel monotonous and dreary. For me? That’s been changing up my coffee each morning. It’s such a simple thing, right? It’s small in the grand scheme of the day, but starting my mornings by getting creative with my coffee brings me an extra ounce of joy. And right now we need all the extra joy we can get.

Let’s get to the nitty gritty. I’ve got 10 fun ways to spice up your coffee routine. Some are my own, some were suggested by friends (thank you, dear friends!) ALSO, read to the bottom for free 2-Day air shipping on my favorite coffee beans!


1. Vanilla extract + cinnamon + a dash of powdered sugar

= CINNAMON TOAST CRUNCH. Sugar is up to you, but I put creamer in and WOW. Oat milk is my favorite, because of the creaminess, but whole milk or cream could also be dreamy.

2. Add butter or coconut oil

It may sound a little gross if you’ve never tried it before, but trust me, it takes it up a notch. I don’t do this everyday, but I love adding it to coffee for additional richness.

3. Whip it!

…and when I add butter or coconut oil, I love to whip it up, nice and frothy, in a blender or Nutri-bullet. Very satisfying. Very.

4. Oat milk + cinnamon + honey

She ain’t so plain, Jane. Oat milk adds creaminess, while cinnamon & honey adds awesomeness. Cinnamon became my favorite spice when I did a month of no sugar a few years back. I wanted to see how dependent I was, and it taught me that I’m okay with eating sugar, but that I could substitute certain aspects of my daily meals with things that make me feel like I’m eating sugar. Cinnamon checks that box.

5. Almond extract + honey + 1/2&1/2

Almond extract = Amaretto. Heaven sent. And you’ll see further on below that Amaretto is my new favorite coffee flavor. When I don’t have the beans, I add almond extract, honey, and a milk of choice to make me feel like I’m eating cake.

6. Vanilla Ice Cream

Much like an Italian affogato. ‘Nuff said.

7.Blackstrap Molasses

This one I love, because it’s all about that local farm molasses. Thanks, Becky! Loaded with minerals and vitamins, it’s a little less sweet and tiny bit bitter. It’s a sugar with health benefits 🙂

8. Chai Bags

OK, OK, OK. My friend Sarah and her partner, Shaan, told me to steep Chai Bags in hot coffee and let it sit overnight for an iced dirty chai. Um, Hello?! Some things in this world bring me an inordinate amount of joy…and this is one of them.

9. Cacao Nibs or Cocoa

Whether your preferences lean bitter or sweet, adding chocolate without a sugary pre-made syrup is a win. I usually add chocolate cocoa powder, honey, and…oat milk. Classic. Thanks, Sam!

10. Orange Zest

This one took me by surprise. I took a slice of orange, squeezed it into my morning coffee and felt like I was eating those chocolate oranges that you had to hit on a hard surface to crack into chocolate slices. Remember those? It’s also reminiscent of orange pekoe tea. I really dug orange & coffee.

BONUS–Chocolate Liqueur

For those days where you just cannot, so you say, “Yes, I can.” (Victoria–you’re a rockstar)

Baltimore Coffee & Tea, originated in…well, Baltimore, but has branches in several locations around Maryland. I worked at the Frederick branch for a few years after college, off and on, and I’m obsessed with their coffee and teas. If you use the code “2DayAir” at check out, you can get your coffee super fast for no additional cost.

Tell me your favorite coffee combos in the comments!!

fin. <3

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